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Mile High Club……….. saw this picture of David Gandy and just had to try out a manip with Tay, just for fun.


New Grown Ups 2 TV Spot (x)

OMG!!!! We get to see him dance!!!!! *squeeeee* And look at his kick!!! *thud*

Oh wait! He’s not dancing! Oops!

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Via Shadowlynx's Taylor Lautner tumblr

I’ve seen this on a photo of Johnny Depp among others and decided that Alex Meraz deserved one too. After all I am terrified of Alex Meraz :D.♥


I may have had a whole new set of muses whispering in my ear all day today, but at the end of the night there is one I can count on. Still hanging in there and continuing to inspire


That’s a man who knows just how sxy he is

Alex Meraz manips made for Tarina Hinds (tistai.tumblr.com) ♥ for the Tricky Raven silent auction.  Thanks for the support Tarina ♥.

Alex Meraz manip by WCAngel


Jacob/Bella//Make you feel my love{Dedicated} (by kraftychik)

Krafty made this beautiful video for me after I won her talents for a silent auction on the TR website. Thank you chica! It’s beautiful and makes me cry every single time. I love it!

Beautiful!!! ♥

Via Shadowlynx's Taylor Lautner tumblr

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